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The Village at Woodside Apartments


The Village at Woodside stands as an exceptional neo-traditional community, strategically situated near one of Woodside’s gated entrances. Here, you have the unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate your living, working, dining, and recreational experiences in one inviting and harmonious setting.

In addition to the renowned and state-of-the-art Village Fitness center within The Village at Woodside, The Village at Woodside also boasts a Health and Wellness Campus. Our neighborhood houses several of the region’s leading physicians and medical specialists, offering expertise in diverse fields including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and internal medicine.

Furthermore, The Village features a range of dining options to savor, including The Village Café, an Asian-Fusion style restaurant, and an authentic Italian culinary establishment. For those seeking relaxation and pampering, a salon and spa are readily available. In addition to these amenities, The Village at Woodside offers inviting gathering spaces like the bocce courts, The Village Pavilion, and Village Parks, allowing you to relish the splendid weather and even host outdoor family movie screenings.


Consistently recognized as a Southern Living Magazine’s “South’s Best Small Town,” our prime location in The Village at Woodside and Aiken, South Carolina offer residents a bounty of advantageous benefits!  

Year-Round Sunshine  
Say goodbye to harsh winters and hello to picture-perfect weather all year long. Aiken boasts plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making every day an opportunity to explore the Village trails or to stop by for lunch at any of The Village’s charming eateries.   

Aiken’s Tax Haven Status  
Here’s some exciting news for your wallet! The cost of food, home goods, transportation, and healthcare in Aiken is up to 60% less than the national average, and as much as 40% less than other prevalent metropolitan destinations.  

Lively Urban Lifestyle  
Dive into Aiken’s bustling downtown atmosphere, filled with boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and cultural events. Whether you’re exploring historic streets, enjoying a live performance, or dining al fresco, Aiken’s downtown streets are your playground for urban adventures.  

Academic Excellence  
In the spirit of Aiken’s early imbued wealth from mid-century snowbirds like the Astors and Whitneys, the University of Aiken offers scholars and young professionals alike a central hub to thrive in an academic environment while enjoying a rich social life.  

Prime Vacation Spot  
Take the trip of a lifetime and savor the joys of coming back home. Aiken enjoys the advantage of its location amongst some of the region’s most coveted vacation spots, including Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Hilton Head, Asheville, and the golf capital of Augusta.  

Ready to experience this vibrant Southern escape for yourself? It all starts at Village Courtyard Apartments. Contact us today to schedule a tour and unlock the doors to your new chapter in Aiken!